"Jehovah's Treasure,"

by Eben

Lines Composed on the Day of War To Foolish Watchmen, Mar. 19, 2003

Jehovahís Treasure is Israel,

The scriptures say;

Godís Covenant with Abraham*

Continues to this day.

Ten thousand generations partly span

The length of itó-

Or thirty thousand years at leastó-

Enough to make an angel sit!

On Zionís Mount a Shepherd King

Could lift his eyes and see

A shining sign of Covenantó-**

The Moon in all her beauty.


A war has flamed up in the East,#

The world we know is crumbling fast;

Like Jacob we can rest assured,

That promises God gave will last***.


O watchmen, posted on the walls,

Be wise and take your sleep;

The love of God holds steadfast, strong,

And all He promised He will keep.

*Gen. 15,

**Ps. 89: 36,37,

***Gen. 28:13,14

#the Second Gulf War in Iraq by U.S. and Coalition forces

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